The Story Of Mountain Cricket in India!

Some say cricket is the religion of India. It is played in almost each and every society in india. Rich or poor, regardless of any caste, sect or creed, it is played with great zeal and enthusiasm.

I’m not interested in writing about the national and international level of cricket, what I’m interested in, is how it is played in the Himalayan mountains.

In picture:Deadini top (District Doda, J&K in North india)

Lush green landscapes, beautiful trees marking the boundaries of the ground, an awkward pitch to play on. Recently, during my last visit to Deadini top a place nearly 15 km from my home what i found was worth writing. Teams from almost all the Villages have gathered there on the eve of baisakhi. We had 4 captains and their 4 teams. The first was played between sarsi stars and pine wines. Approximately around 50 sixes or so were hit in all the three matches with narsoo 11 winning the finals.


5 thoughts on “The Story Of Mountain Cricket in India!

  1. Looks like a great place. Where’s this?

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    1. Deadini top dear.. in doda District of j&k state

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      1. yes it is about 40 km from away from bhaderwah

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      2. Is it close to Bhaderwah?

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