Digital India In Villages!

Going digital are the signs of a developing country like India. Indian economy is developing every passing year. History tells us our GDP was 35 percent in the past, but after the Afgan and Turkish invaders looted India of its wealth and the final blow to its GDP came with the coming of the big fish, the british who led the drain of wealth from India on a very large scale,leaving India a very poor country.

After independence our government from time to time tried its level best to rise the economy again and after decades we again have a good share in the world market. India rose from being a poor nation to a developing nation and now we are going digital.

Going digital is never easy for a nation whose 70%( not exact ) population live in the villages. India has made much progress in almost every feild , was it education, science, technology, crafts, agriculture, or any other field. But the problem arise when we talk about the village people , are they at par with the urban Indians?

Do they have all means of developing?

Do their children too are getting quality education?

Do the government schemes are really benefitting them or not?

The answers to all these questions are totally different in different situations but the fact that villages still lack that amount of awareness, must not be ignored.

If i’m not wrong, i’m to say that 90% of the Indian villagers don’t know how to use a smartphone. Only a few of them have access to internet ( excluding the 21st century ones ).

The illiterate ones are really finding it difficult to compete in the changing scenario, they don’t know how to use an ATM machine, they know how to transfer money online and all other means of digital world.

Recently, when i was on a trip into the mountains, i met a shepherd, who left school after class 6 and joined his ancestral occupation of grazing cattle and sheep. Leaving our conversation aside, he showed me his mobile phone and told he that he got a call from some unknown number which was asking for some number from my inbox. He told me that the person on the phone introduced himself as the manager of a bank and had called him for an ATM verification.

It is very sad to write that sooner he provided them the OTP he received, the hackers transfered 10k into their account. In another similar incident a taxi driver lost 25 thousand in seconds. Poor are losing money very easily because of lack of awareness and lack of practical education.

I am not writing it only to criticise the modern means of going digital. I appreciate being going digital but who will take care of the poor, the illiterate and the needy…???

6 thoughts on “Digital India In Villages!

  1. Good insight. While modernization is good, it is always the poor and less fortunate being the unwilling victims.


    1. i feel sad for them but we can’t help many.


  2. Sadly, it’s true, quite true. Thanks for all the likes.


  3. I like your views. Keep writing. It motivates readers. Please try and suggest YOUR solutions as well and seek readers’ opinion.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much dear, your words means a lot to me!

      Liked by 1 person

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