❤️A Rainy Day❤️

❤️Peep_Peep don’t sleep on a rainy day❤️

❤️Don’t just see but observe more on a rainy day❤️

❤️Everything look fresh and happy on a rainy day❤️

❤️Be a solo traveler on a rainy day❤️

❤️The clouds are more happier on a rainy day❤️

❤️Mother Earth looks more beautiful on a rainy day❤️

❤️I promise to meet you one rainy day❤️

❤️You keep your promise and do meet me one rainy day❤️

❤️i am missing you much, come and meet me soon one rainy day❤️

#rain #rainbow #raindrops #nature #beautiful #happy #amazing #good #day #water #sun #sky #light #stream #hike #morning #walk #motivation #energy #boost #happy #soul #mind #healing #healthyfoods

17 thoughts on “❤️A Rainy Day❤️

  1. Most beautiful images of rainy days with beautiful lines.i want to touch the clouds on mountain in rainy day.lovely post.

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    1. thank you so much dear.. You can touch them.. you need to visit any hill station on a rainy day😊😊

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      1. I have gone already in hill stations as patnitop n kashmir many times.😊

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      2. i live in doda about 50kms from patnitop 😊😊wbu


  2. You have the beginning of a lovely blog. I’ve only made one visit to India, but want to come back and see more.

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    1. Welcome,dear my India.

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  3. Scenic beauty. Thanks sharing. :))

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  4. Amazing…captions was rhythmic. I don’t know if it is only me or not but I was reading the lines in a proper rhythm. And beautiful pictures hillboy

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    1. thank you so much for your time and appreciation.. that means a lot to me dear 🙏🙏


      1. The pleasure is all mine 🙂


  5. Beautiful part of the world and lovely in the rain.

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