A Drop In Nature Is Enough To Feed My Soul!

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We should thank our Dear Lord to provide us a chance to visit this beautiful planet, our mother earth. She never refuses to motivate us. She does so in every possible way, what we have to do is to wide open our eyes and keenly observe what we are seeing. We should be willing to learn this is what that matters most.

More than thanking her for what he has given us we often complain.

I found this little yellow flower yesterday, blooming out of a narrow crack on a big rock face. It was really amazing to see this little flower blooming out of this much possible sources it has. It was as happy as any other flower.

Nature deserves some respect and we humans have to give it to her. It is really heart breaking to see how humans are abusing nature to meet his/her greedy needs.

Every season has its own color. Every one loves the natural world but how often do they really feel it is more important.

2 thoughts on “A Drop In Nature Is Enough To Feed My Soul!

  1. You are like me ,I drive everyday around this landscape and everyday I feel blessed and extremely rich,sometimes we just miss to appreciate the little biggest things of life😊🌸


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