A Nomadic Camp In Pictures.

India is a mesh of cultures, lifestyles and languages. Every few kilometers we find a totally different society. This is incredible india. Nomadism is another lifestyle found here.

A Nomadic camp

Fire is lit and the horses are unloaded.

Bedding, clothes, utensils and other materials of daily use.

The horses are now free to graze nearby. The female members set up the camp while the male members take care of flock which has not yet arrived.

Chai (tea) time.

I have learned that nomadic people are very much fond of Namkeen tea ( dandi chai).

Cooking is always the loving part in the wild.

Lambs are also hungry too and are eagerly waiting for their mothers to come soon.

Finally the Flock arrives at the campsite.

Next morning the horses will be loaded again and the journey will continue till they reach some desired location in the mountains.

6 thoughts on “A Nomadic Camp In Pictures.

      1. Rajsthaan me bahut garmi pad rahi he,himalaya se kaho ki kuch baadal aur bahut saari thandi hawaayien bhejne ki meharbaani karien.

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  1. 😂😂😂application de di hai bsss approve hojaye ab.. tension nahi lo


  2. Now,they do this style?

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