❤️A Beautiful Path❤️

❤️If the path is beautiful don’t ask where it leads to❤️

❤️Fill up your lungs with some fresh air and keep walking❤️

❤️Don’t forget to thank nature for such a wonderful scenic beauty❤️

❤️Heal you broken self❤️

❤️Wilderness is Happiness❤️

❤️Walking in the woods is man’s best exercise❤️

17 thoughts on “❤️A Beautiful Path❤️

  1. Oh.that is my kashmir which calls me every day.


      1. Yeah.sure in summer vacation.

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  2. It looks wonderful! I love walking in nature and you describes the benefits so well and I can can only agree.

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    1. haha.. everyone loves to walk in nature but only a few take pain to protect her

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      1. It’s true! I have been in many places and have experienced the threat to the rainforest that is also a threat to wildlife. Unfortunately nothing I’m laughing at.


  3. Heaven on Earth…. kashmir
    I always wanted to visit. Hope to visit there someday

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  4. Amazing photos of amazing views! Thank you for sharing them!

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    1. i thank you so much for your time and appreciation 😇🙏👌

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      1. You are more than welcome! 🙏

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