❤️Honey And Bees❤️

Honey Bees are flying insects which are closely related to wasps and ants. Bees are known for their role in pollination.

Bees are some of the nature’s most busiest creatures. There is a complete division of labor between different members in a single beehive. Some are assigned the task of collecting nectar, some carry only water, some comparatively larger in size are given the role of sentinels, while the queen only lay eggs.

A fly collecting nectar

Bees are such small creatures and one cannot imagine the bigger role they play in our natural world. About 1/6th of the flowering plants on our planet are pollinated by the bees. Hence bees don’t only collect nectar from the flowers but in turn have a big role in pollination.

A wasp

Bee keeping is an age old profession and there are some ancient paintings which illustrates people collecting honey. Bee keeping is a profession in this age too. It is known as APICULTURE and the one who keep bees is known as APIARIST.

Apart from honey, bees have many other benefits too like beeswax, pollination etc. A location where bees are kept is known as Apiary or Bee yard.

Traditional bee keeping in the wooden drums.

Bees have an important role to play in this natural world.

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