Remember What Grandfather Says!

Animals are creatures that bring happiness to so many people every single day. They are compassionate creatures and are mostly happy all the times. Animals can be some of our best friends. They can be loyal to us, love us and serve us.

Since i grow up in a village where people usually keep many animals. Animals can sometimes defend us and protect us. All they need is love.

There are times when we feel low in life. Circumstances sometime break our heart and most of us feel alone. A company of animals can help us feel happier again. Nobody can be strong all the times.

Animals hold a special space in my heart, my love for them has always grew with time. I have always loved animals more than i loved humans.

We can do a lot of things to help animals either domesticated ones or in the wild.

Grandfather says we must not hunt animals and love them all the times.

3 thoughts on “Remember What Grandfather Says!

  1. Love your post. Animals are so innocent and give so much love💕

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  2. How Excellent post!!!

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    1. thank you so much dear 😊😇👌🙏

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