Alcoholic India

Since the beginning of the civilizations man had always been fond of alcohol. Archeological finds have clear evidences of some perforated earthen pots which must have been used in the preparation of alcohol in the Harappan Civilization.

History reminds us of some Kings who were fond of drinking. Some Mughal Kings in medieval India were addicted to alcohol. It was prepared by traditional methods in india but during the British era big distilleries were set up in some towns and alcohol contributed a much into the revenue of the British Empire.

Drinking alcoholic beverages is often seen as a way to relax or celebrate but drinking too much can sometimes be fatal. There is a fine line between alcohol use and alcohol abuse. Moderate drinking having two or fewer drinks a day can relax you but going beyond a certain limit is always injurious. Young people in india are too much into this abuse. People are getting dependent from a very younger age.

Once upon a time, it was said that people start drinking during college life but in the present scenario even the school going are getting used to it. Moderate drinking has never been a concept among the common people in india.

Our government is making huge profits from selling alcohol. However in some states, the state governments have put a ban on the sale of any hard drink but they can’t completely swipe the abuse away. Recently some people died of drinking desi shaarab and Indian society is now used to such news.

The labor class and the poor people are the most addicted people in india and it further adds up to their misery and poverty. Alcohol abuse is one the major causes of poverty in some villages in india and some young people too are misusing their precious time and money.



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