A Perfect Tree Climber

Trust Me It Wasn’t An Easy Climbing That Tree


18 thoughts on “A Perfect Tree Climber

  1. Wow! What an agile creature!

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    1. thank you so much dear ❤️😊👌🙏


  2. This one makes me smile, nice image!

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  3. Wow! Did it go back without difficulty?

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    1. yes this one did got back.. but sometimes they die a very miserable death.

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      1. Oh, my! That is one brave animal 😉.

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      2. i will show you an unbelievable picture of a goat climbing a tree if i find it some day in my disk

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      3. Wow! I can’t wait for that picture. I saw some goats climbing on the wall of a mountain in a documentary. I forgot which country was that.

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      4. those are wild goats you will find them in whole Himalayan range

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      5. Oh. Okay. They’re really brave. 😊👍

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      6. You took the picture? I heard something like this before, it’s really interesting…

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      7. yes dear all the pictures i use here are clicked by me.

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